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Meet George

Video Review

George has known our doctors a long time, and they always perform his extractions in Tyler, TX. Hear about his wisdom teeth and other removals.

George's Story

"I've known the two doctors — the Stones — since I was mainly born. They've taken out four of my wisdom teeth, taken out I don't know how many baby teeth — a lot — that just weren't growing out, and they also stitched me up about ten times. They treated me well; they took care of me. They walked me through all my experiences and what I needed to do, and all I had to do was just fall asleep and let them take my teeth out. The staff are great people. They care about you as a person, and they just want your best needs. They treat everybody the same, and it's always a good experience. If you had to take your wisdom teeth out, I would definitely go see Southern Surgical Arts. It's the best place in Tyler."

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