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Meet Daniel

Video Review

Daniel needed an extraction and dental implant, so he visited our office in Tyler, TX.

Daniel's Story

"I came to see Dr. Stone because I had a crown that was sitting on top of a tooth that had continued to decay and was going to require an extraction and an implant and a replacement crown. All along the way, Dr. Stone and everyone at Southern Surgical has been great at explaining how that’s going to go and what it’s going to look like when it’s done. Southern Surgical/Dr. Stone was able to make it as clean and painless as I think an event like that can be. Dr. Stone, I think, understood that levity is a good anesthetic, but it’s a good anti-anxiety as well. Well, it’s an incredibly professional staff here, and it’s just been a pleasure to work with them. Anyone looking for a dental procedure in Flint or Whitehouse, I would highly recommend Southern Surgical Arts."

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