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Multiple Teeth Replacement in Tyler and Palestine, TX

Dental implants offer versatile solutions for replacing multiple missing teeth in the mouth, restoring both aesthetics and oral function. At Southern Surgical Arts, we specialize in dental implant placement and oral surgery procedures in Tyler and Palestine, TX.

Solutions for Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth in East Texas

While adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime, various factors such as periodontal disease, injury, or other diseases can cause them to fall out or require extraction. When faced with multiple missing teeth, dental implants provide an excellent solution due to their versatility.

Dental implants can effectively replace one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth anywhere in the mouth. Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, which stimulate the bone and prevent bone loss. This ensures that the bridge is supported by the implants themselves instead of relying on natural teeth.

Traditional dental bridges, on the other hand, are fixed by a restorative dentist to cosmetically restore the appearance of multiple missing teeth next to each other in the dental arch. However, traditional bridges do not fuse to the jaw bone and thus fail to maintain the long-term health and integrity of the jaw. Moreover, traditional bridges require healthy teeth on either side of the gap to be ground down, compromising their health and not improving overall oral health.

Implant-supported bridges function similarly to traditional bridges by aesthetically repairing the gap caused by multiple missing teeth. However, these bridges are supported by dental implants, which offer the added advantage of integrating with the jaw bone and promoting its health and integrity over time.

Even if you have multiple missing teeth that are not adjacent to each other, we can place multiple dental implants in each spot where a tooth is missing, providing a comprehensive and effective solution.

Full-arch Restoration

Tooth loss resulting from gum disease, facial trauma, or other illnesses can significantly impact your self-esteem and quality of life. At Southern Surgical Arts, we offer full-arch restoration, an ideal solution for patients in Tyler and Palestine, TX, who desire to regain a healthy and complete smile.

Full-arch restoration involves the use of as few as four dental implant posts to support a permanent prosthesis in one or both dental arches. These dental implants act as artificial tooth roots, stimulating the jaw bone and providing support for the fixed denture. The prosthesis will be custom-made to match the shape of your mouth, ensuring a natural and seamless appearance. 

Unlike removable dentures, which do not fuse to the jaw bone, dental implants provide long-term stability and promote optimal oral health.

By choosing full-arch restoration at Southern Surgical Arts, you can enjoy a healthy, long-term solution for multiple missing teeth, improving your overall oral health and enhancing your smile.

If you are missing several teeth, experiencing oral health issues, or considering oral surgery options to achieve a healthier and happier smile, we invite you to schedule an appointment at one of our conveniently located offices in Tyler or Palestine, TX.

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