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Meet Mandy

Video Review

Mandy's son needed his wisdom teeth removed, so they visited our office in Tyler, TX. Hear about their positive experience with Dr. Stone and our team.

Mandy's Story

"Our orthodontist recommended that our son have his wisdom teeth taken out, and so we came right to Dr. Stone. Any question that we had, any concern that we had was put to ease when we met with him to discuss the procedure. The day of the surgery went really well. Jake did great with the procedure and the recovery. When we went back, he was comfortable. I was nervous bringing him home because he'd never had surgery before, but they prepared us very well to bring him home and take care of him. Not only that, they called every day for the next few days to follow up and to answer any questions and to give us any instructions. If another parent approached me to ask where they should go to have their wisdom teeth out, I would absolutely recommend Dr. Stone."

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