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Wisdom Teeth Stem Cell Banking

Doctors and researchers around the world are using stem cells to develop new therapies and treatments for diseases that were once thought to be untreatable. This is only the beginning of understanding the potential of stem cells. Banking your stem cells could help preserve your medical future of the future of someone you love. As new methods for collecting and storing stem cells become available, it’s becoming more of a reality to preserve stem cells for future medical use. Many people don’t realize that stem cells exist in the pulp of our healthy teeth, making extractions a perfect opportunity for collection. Since wisdom teeth are typically the only healthy teeth removed from adults, a thirds removal is ideal for saving stem cells.

At Southern Surgical Arts, we have partnered with Stemodontics® so that eligible extraction patients have the chance to harvest and bank their stem cells. If this opportunity is not seized, the teeth would simply be thrown away as medical waste. To learn more about stem cell banking, please watch the helpful videos we’ve provided, visit the Stemodontics website, or ask your doctor if stem cell banking is right for you.

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By choosing to bank stem cells safely with Stemodontics Stem Cell Banking, you can be 100% confident that you are choosing a stem cell banking service that can be counted on in your family’s time of need.

What are stem cells?

Many people have heard of stem cells, but millions of people are only just now learning about their incredible potential for medical discovery. Specialized cells that occur naturally in the body, such as muscle tissue cells, can regenerate and repair other muscle tissue cells. Stem cells also occur naturally in the body, but they are unique because they can repair any type of specialized cell that your body needs. They are able to heal and restore skin, nerves, muscles, bones, and more because they are not limited to a single type of cell.

As the advancements in medicine and research continue, doctors are more and more discovering new ways to harvest stem cells, store them outside the body in a controlled environment, and replicate them for use in the future. Clinicians and researchers alike are finding new methods of harnessing the power of these cells and applying them in a manner that helps the body heal from disease and injury.

Why bank stem cells?

When we are young, our bodies hold an abundance of healthy stem cells, but the older we get, the more the quantity and quality of stem cells declines. Each time a stem cell duplicates, it loses a portion of its value, which is why it comes harder for your body to fight disease or recover from injuries as we age. Banking your stem cells early means you can maximize their value and viability for future use.

At Southern Surgical Arts, we are proud to give all our patients the chance to preserve their medical future. There are very few opportunities to easily and safely collect stem cells for storage and future use. We encourage all of our wisdom teeth removal patients to take advantage of this appealing opportunity.

How do I get started?

Signing up with Stemodontics is simple! You can complete the enrollment process at our office before your surgical appointment. Your surgeon will answer any questions you have about the process for collection and storage, and a member of our team will assist you in completing the online enrollment process. Once complete, the Stemodontics state-of-the-art laboratory sends a collection kit to our practice for the upcoming procedure. Once the tooth has been removed and properly stored, the SSA team will ship it to the lab for immediate processing and storage. Using your stem cell sample is easy. All you need to do is contact Stemodontics when you are ready. We will ship your sample to your designated healthcare provider.

Secure your medical future or the medical future of your loved ones by acting today! Click here to learn more about stem cell banking services through Stemodontics and enroll today.

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