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Meet Shawn

Video Review

After Shawn's son's wisdom teeth removal in our Tyler, TX, office, he was delighted to have our doctors check on him until he was fully healed. Hear more!

Shawn's Story

"My son had his wisdom teeth removed; he also had some baby teeth removed that were preventing permanent molars coming in. We came to Dr. Charles and Dr. Brian, whom we trust — we've had a personal relationship with them for years. Great family men; we go to church with them. They took great care of George. He was a little bit apprehensive. He was the first one of his friends to have all of those teeth removed and to have wisdom teeth removed and really didn't know what to expect. We came in; he had the procedure done. We went to recovery, and he was great. The other wonderful thing about it is that they checked in on us frequently after the surgery. They checked in on us that afternoon, that evening, the next day. If someone were to ask me in the community who to see to have my child's wisdom teeth removed or other teeth removed, I would definitely tell them to go to Southern Surgical Arts. Great guys, great family men, and very trustworthy. And just great through the whole procedure."

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