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Meet Tammy

Video Review

Tammy was incredibly appreciative when she brought her daughter to our office for wisdom teeth removal, and Dr. Stone made her feel comfortable. Hear more!

Tammy's Story

"A lot of times, you're apprehensive when your child's going to have surgery, no matter how minor they say it is. When we got here, Dr. Stone walked us through the surgery, what was going to happen step by step, made sure that my daughter understood, and that was important to me because he could have just talked to me as the parent, but he talked to her as the patient, so that was very good. He's a very intelligent man, but yet he got right down to her and said this is going to happen, you might feel like this. She felt so relieved and so comfortable when we left that day that she was not excited to have her wisdom teeth pulled out, but she did feel a lot more comfortable than when we started the whole process. This is just the place to go. I have several friends that we attend church with that have even asked me, "My child has to have their wisdom teeth taken out" or something needs to happen, and they need a surgeon, and I tell them, "You need to go see one of the Dr. Stones because that's the place to go.""

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