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Meet Dr. Wilkinson

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Dr. Wilkinson refers to our team in Tyler, TX, because he knows we possess both the surgical and communication skills required to provide superior care.

Dr. Wilkinson's Story

"Dr. Brian and Charles Stone are great to refer to. Pretty much we'll refer patients for many things to Southern Surgical Arts. I'd say the primary thing would be wisdom teeth, just because we treat a lot of teenagers, and once they get done with their braces, it's usually time for their wisdom teeth to be looked at. But not only that, we have implant patients, and then we certainly have jaw surgery patients that come to Southern Surgical Arts as well. They certainly not only have the surgical skills but communication skills getting back to a referring doctor. So, they definitely let us know what's happened to our mutual patients. They definitely, I would say, treat every patient exactly the way I want them to be treated. The response we get from patients when they see Dr. Brian and Charles Stone is a great one. They seem to always have a good experience. They definitely come back usually thanking us for referring them to a surgeon. So again, I think overall it should be a great experience and again definitely good, I think, all around."

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