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Meet Dr. Nichols

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Dr. Nichols enjoys referring to Drs. Stone in Tyler because he knows they are always willing to help him with cases in an effort to provide exceptional care.

Dr. Nichols' Story

"I've worked with a lot of professional surgeons, and I'm here to tell you that Brian and Charles Stone are two of the finest that I've ever worked with. When someone asks about an oral surgeon — or we call them an oral surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon — "Who do you refer to?" I say, well, who did I refer my grandchildren to to have their third molars removed? And when I tell them the names — Dr. Stones — about my grandchildren, what a great result they had, it's a good referral. Also, one more place that really makes them favorites of mine. I have been involved with a clinic here called Bethesda Clinic, which is a charity clinic for the disadvantaged financial people. I will tell you, I have called this office, they say, "Send them over. No charge." And they've taken care of some very difficult cases and restored the lives of people, not just through teeth, but have made their lives better because they now have a good self-esteem. So I like him for the wisdom teeth, I like him for the implants, and I like him because he's done some wonderful work for some very sad cases that turned out to be beautiful cases when they're all done."

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