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Meet Dr. Twaddell

Video Review

As an expert anesthesiologist, Dr. Twaddell enjoys referring to our office because he knows he can trust our team to perform to his standards.

Dr. Twaddell's Story

"I've been working with the Drs. Stone at different hospital settings for several years, and I admire their attention to detail and their commitment to safety so much that my son was also a patient of theirs. As an anesthesiologist, I spent four years in medical school and then four years again in residency learning how to safely administer all types of anesthetics to all types of patients. Anesthesia can be very tricky in an outpatient setting. The Drs. Stone have also had extensive training in airway management and in pharmacology and the administering of anesthesia, and it is that perspective that made me want to use them as the source for care for my son as well. Having worked with both Dr. Charles Stone and Dr. Brian Stone for many years and many different inpatient settings in the hospital, it's my professional opinion that they provide the highest quality of care in an efficient manner."

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