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Meet Dr. Markle

Video Review

Dr. Markle's appreciation for our team's care philosophy is one of the many reasons he enjoys referring to our Tyler, TX, office. Hear more of his reasons!

Dr. Markle's Story

"I would say that my philosophy of practice really meshes well with the Stones. I can't appreciate them more; they've been really fair with our patients. They take good care of them; they really are there when we give them a call. They're able to do anything from complex cases that we spend a lot of time really planning down to an emergency visit if somebody needed something that maybe we couldn't provide for the day and they have an opportunity, they'll go out of their way to try to help those people. I've been a dentist now for about probably 15 years or so and did some extra training even at a VA after dental school in San Antonio, and I can say from all my experience and the growth of dentistry over that time, these guys provide world-class treatment that people might say that you get in the big city. We're happy to be able to have the services available to us here in Tyler, Texas, with the Stone brothers."

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