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Meet Donald

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Donald had a bad accident with his chainsaw, so he visited Dr. Brian for facial trauma treatment in Tyler, TX.

Donald's Story

"September the 27th of '08, I was cutting some trees and splitting some blocks, and my chainsaw swapped ends with me. I thought I'd bleed to death. I was lucky I had a half roll of Viva® paper towels in my truck. I put them on my face, jumped over a fence, and got in an automobile and met the ambulance. I went to the hospital and Brian came down and looked at me, and four hours later, he came out and got me sewn up, and got the bone out of my eye and the bone fragments, and got me a face lift [unintelligible]. Since then, he's worked on my daughter and also my mom. To me, he's my idol. Everybody that I see, I tell them, if they need surgery on the head, he's the only guy to do it. I'm as pleased with him as anybody I could ever ask anybody to go to."

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