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Meet Alicia

Video Review

When Alicia's father had a chainsaw go through his face, he visited our team in Tyler, TX, for facial trauma treatment. Listen to their story!

Alicia's Story

"The day we met Dr. Stone was a very tragic accident in our family. And even though my dad's accident was not life threatening — he actually had a chainsaw go through his face — but Dr. Stone saved my dad's life. And for me and my family, his compassion, his love, his friendship — everything — has given us another family member. He truly gave something of himself to my dad that day. My dad, of course, didn't have insurance, so we didn't know how this was going to work or how they were going to get paid, but he treated him as a patient that, no matter what, he was going to get the care that anybody would get. Thank you, Dr. Stone, because again, you're not only a friend to us and have taken care of multiple people in our family now, but you're truly family to me and my mom and my sisters, and we just wanted to tell you we love you and thank you."

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