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Meet Brian

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After suffering a four-wheeling accident, Brian came to our office in Tyler, TX, for facial trauma treatment.

Brian's Story

"I had a four-wheeler accident. I had broken my jaws and my nose and cheekbones, I believe, and it was a long process, but I was really fortunate to get Dr. Stone has a surgeon. He was just really supportive all before the surgery and then just as soon as I woke up, he was there. I just feel very blessed that I got him to do all of it, and it all turned out really well. The staff and everybody . . . they would call and check on you at the house. If you had any questions, you could just pick up the phone and call. You didn't have to worry about getting ahold of anybody. You'd always get ahold of somebody. That was just excellent. I recommend them for anybody that's got any kind of surgery on their face or mouth."

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