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Meet Paul

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Paul was in a biking accident and suffered a severe facial trauma. He visited our office in Tyler, TX, because he found out we'd provide excellent treatment.

Paul's Story

"I had an accident during an Iron Man event at mile 108 on the bike portion. This was in Oklahoma City. I had visited with several surgeons in Oklahoma City, and I'm just going to be candid with you, they were as scared as I was. I was a student hospital, and I could pick up on the fact that these guys were intimidated by the surgery just by how they were acting, even in my drugged up condition at the hospital. I reached out to Dr. Doug Flanders, who happened to be the Chief of Staff at East Texas Medical Center at that time, and he said the best one he knew was Dr. Charles Stone in Tyler, Texas. I'll never forget this. I came to Tyler, went in a room with Dr. Stone, and asked him, "How are you going to do this?" and he went point to point to point. He never paused, he never hesitated, and Dr. Stone put my face back together with five plates and twenty screws, and you see me less than a year after surgery, went back and did an Iron Man, 140 miles, and I look, in my opinion, like I did before. I love Southern Surgical Arts, and I'd recommend them to my family or anyone that my family might know."

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