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Meet Ben

Video Review

After a childhood injury, Ben came to our office in Tyler, TX, to replace his damaged tooth with a dental implant. Hear about his experience!

Ben's Story

"I had an injury as a child, so I had a permanent damaged tooth that needed to be corrected and was able to talk with them about that. Made me feel real at home. I came to their place here at Southern Surgical Arts and found out that I needed an implant, and along the way, we had the implant done. I was going to be leaving for a cruise soon thereafter, and they even sent me with a goodie bag of tools in case I had a problem while I was on the boat. The care that they've given me here has been remarkable. They've been very kind and caring and instructive all the way through from start to finish with the procedure. If I had to do anything like this again, I would certainly come back here, and if anyone ever asked me, I would certainly say that you can't go wrong at Southern Surgical Arts."

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