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Meet Jerri

Video Review

Jerri had multiple appliances in her mouth before she chose to restore her smile with dental implants at our Tyler, TX, office. Hear her story!

Jerri's Story

"I had a lot of temporary appliances in my mouth, and they were causing problems. I was having a lot of infection. Dr. Brian Stone — he walked me through the whole process and told me exactly what he would be doing. And once those were gone and we put the implants in, I have not had any problem. Matter of fact, when I had surgery, I took off several days because I thought I would be in a lot of pain; I never took even an aspirin. I never was in any pain. It's just been, from day one, just a life-changing thing, and I never have regretted anything. The minute you walk in the door, they make you feel relaxed and like family and never was nervous. I thought I would be very nervous, but I never was. Very relaxed — it was a really good, positive experience. I recommend it. Highly."

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