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Meet LaBrinda

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LaBrinda was suffering from jaw pain and TMJ dysfunction, so she visited our office in Tyler, TX, to undergo treatment. Hear her story!

LaBrinda's Story

"After meeting with Dr. Stone and X-rays taken — I had had problems with my jaw locking up — and he explained to me that to fix the problem, I would have to have a double jaw replacement. It was a lengthy process as far as the healing and getting over it, but I can actually say right now that I am pain-free. He did a wonderful job, and I am so pleased with the outcome of everything. When I had the surgery done, he was having to leave to go out of town. He even gave me his personal number just in case I needed anything — anything came up or out of form — even though he was going to be out of town. That's just how hands-on he is. And I would highly recommend him to anyone, and I have as far as with my grandkids getting their wisdom teeth removed, and my son had to have several surgeries. Out of all my doctors I have, I can actually say Dr. Stone is my favorite."

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